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Welcome to Fern P.S. Library.

As the new teacher-librarian I’m looking forward to an exciting year working with all grades in the school and of course, reading!

This year’s library schedule allows me to see some classes on a regular basis (teaching some grades media literacy and tech studies).  Other classes are able to visit the library during open periods available in our 5 day schedule.

If your child needs to come to the library on any day which their class is not scheduled, the library will be open most days from 3 :15-4 :00.

The number of books which a student may sign out at any time is generally 2 books for primary, and 3-4 for junior and senior classes.

Exact number of books for each class is done in consultation with the classroom teacher.  If a book is lost or damaged a replacement cost of $10 is required before the student may continue to sign out books.

Apart from signing out books students are also encouraged to use our Virtual Library. Click here to visit the library's website where you'll find links to research tools, including on-line encyclopedias and other reference resources, subject-specific sites for information on just about every curriculum area, the Toronto Public Library, the EBSCO periodical database, the archives of the Toronto Star and a number of highly regarded news organizations, as well as a number of search engines. A number of these databases require a user-id and/or a password. You can get these from the librarian.


Junior and Senior Book Club

As in previous years Book Club will continue to run during biweekly lunch times with Mrs. Heller and myself.  Students will be requested to purchase a book that will be read, discussed, and critiqued.  Girls’ junior book club meets at Mondays during lunch starting Sept. 12th and continues every other week.  Boys’ junior book club meets starting Sept. 19th.  Senior book club (co-ed) is held over the Tuesday lunch hour and starts Sept. 27th.

Get Caught Reading

Students are encouraged to read on a regular basis in French and English.  As a measure of their reading achievements, they can fill out a ticket for books read to be entered into a monthly prize draw.
Read 10 novels or 50 picture storybooks and you will become a member of Fern's Get Caught Reading Hall of Fame! Can you beat last year's record of 170 novels in ten months?

Just Read It

All students are invited to participate in the Just Read It program by clicking on the Just Read It icon at the top of our Virtual Library site.  After entering a plot summary on a book read, students are eligible to win a book.  There are also opportunities for our school to win a visit by an author so check it out.

Red Maple, Silver Birch, Blue Spruce and Epinette

These annual reading programs in French and English recognize works of fiction by Canadian authors that are deemed to be some of the year’s best.  Interested students will receive a passport to document the books from the program that suits their grade level.

Library Ambassadors

These are senior and junior students who are able to help out before, after and during school to keep our library up and running.  Some of their duties include : shelving books, book sign out/return, cleaning shelves, computer operations, barcoding new books, helping younger classes with finding books and reading.
Library ambassadors will get together at lunch time once a month.

Thanks for visiting our library page and happy reading.

Chris Enticknap

Chris Enticknap, Teacher-librarian
Fern P.S.

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