New Winter Menu Starts in December!

New winter menu starts in December featuring vegetarian lasagna, Sloppy Joes, fish cakes and more!

Fern’s hot-lunch program is running smoothly with a record number of participants. If your family has not signed up for the program and your child is not enrolled in Ferncliff Daycare’s before and after program, you still have the opportunity to register for Maggie’s delicious and nutritious December lunches. Download the order form and submit it with your payment in the secure mailbox beside the Ferncliff Daycare office (Room 103).

The deadline for December orders is Thursday, November 15. Check out the December menu on the School Calendar on the right-hand side of Fern’s website pages or click here.

Special offer to seniors! We can pack up hot lunches to go!!! Are your children skipping lunch so they can hang out with their friends outside the school? Why not sign up for Maggie’s “take-out” lunches? You can be reassured that they’re eating yummy and healthy food and they can still go out with their classmates.
For more information about the hot-lunch program please visit our Frequently Asked Questions

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