The Learning Skills Committee Update

Learning Skills Initiative: Responsibility, Collaboration, Initiative, Self Regulation, Independent Work and Organization

The learning skills found on the report card are an important part of the learning and growth process that teachers facilitate and develop in our students. Studies show that reflecting and developing Learning Skills enhances academic learning and success. The “Growing Success” document put out by the TDSB outlines these values:

“This Ministry of Education policy emphasizes the significance of developing learning skills and work habits in our children. It is expected that teachers will work with students and their parents to ensure that they understand learning skills and work habits and their importance. Students benefit when teachers model the skills and habits and explain how they will be assessed and evaluated.”

In order to support this learning and growth Fern Public School is implementing a Learning Skills Interim Report where students will self reflect on their Learning Skills and create goals for growth. The Learning Skills folder is a school wide initiative, where the folder will follow the student though their careers at Fern so that students can see their development and growth in these skills.

The Fern community is asking parents to read over the Learning Skills Interim Report with their child, talk about the report and goals together and work on these skills at home in order to enhance learning and reflection. Please sign the report each time it comes home and have your child return the report to your child's teacher.

Thank you.

Benefits of developing Learning Skills

Student benefits:
Clear understanding of the six categories
Clear understanding of expectations in the classroom and school environment
Clear understanding of marks for learning skills on the report card
Family benefits:

Understanding of the learning skills and the classroom expectations
Ability to support your child with the school initiative to develop these skills

Teacher benefits:
Will help in report card writing (learning skills section)
Will help teachers reinforce positive behaviours in class, better work habits and a community classroom
Assist in communication with parents, as well as between students and parents

School benefits:
Consistency and clarity of expectations
Consistent language used by the entire school that will help in building community

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