Ward 7 Jan. 21, 2014 Meeting Notes

-presentation by Michelle Munroe (TDSB Central Coordinator Parent Community and Community Involvement) about the importance of school councils having e-mail communication with parent community, need to create bylaws around the use of e-mail and other forms of social media

-parents asked for consistency in the board and with parent councils in how e-mail etc is used, the need for board provided templates and sharing of best practices from councils that are already using e-mail to communicate with parents  

-report by Trustee Atkinson who will retire Nov. 2014, she endorses Robin Pilkey (meeting chair)

-TDSB 14 million deficit this year, 55 million last year (based on same Min. of Ed. funding)

-Program Services will look at Irene's proposal for Western Tech and continuation of Sistema music program at the secondary level (currently at Parkdale P.S. elementary level) 

-many TDSB schools have low enrollment, but board not planning to sell buildings (thinking long term needs e.g. population flux, FDK and smaller primary grade class sizes) and is requesting help from province for repairs and expansion of some buildings which are operating beyond capacity

-SEAC report by Nora Green; currently collecting data on students accessing S.Ed. services, S.Ed. funding to be an election issue (7 million underfunded), PIAC and SEAC joint conference again in 2014, U. Robinson new Superintendent of S. Ed.

Next Ward 7 meeting on Tuesday Feb. 25, 2014 7-9 pm at Runnymede P.S. library

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