Kitty Litter-a-ture at Dundas West Animal Hospital

Please click here information on a program at Dundas West Animal Hospital.

Although it mentions Howard PS students, the program is also extended to Fern PS and Garden PS.

"The program is called Kitty Litter-a-ture. Students are invited to visit Dundas West Animal Clinic at a specific time to spend 30 minutes reading to rescue cats who are awaiting adoption. Our goal is to enrich the students in a number of ways. We wish to nurture a love of reading, to teach pet care and empathy, to promote a community where volunteerism is valued, and to show the children that they are also helping these cats to feel comfortable with human contact.

All pets will be healthy (our location is an animal hospital) and qualified vets will ensure that they are safe to be with children. Adult supervision is provided by either myself (co-creator of this program), Dr. Scott Bainbridge or an adult member of his trained staff. All parents will be asked to sign a waiver in order for their child to participate. Older children involved in the program will act as reading buddies for those who are younger and who may need help with their reading skills.

We're very excited about the program and hope that you can help us to grow this initiative.
Thank you,
Julia Gallagher"

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