Eco Team Update

Eco Sale:

The Eco Sale on April 3, 4 and 7 was a huge success! We raised an incredible $638! The money will be donated to local and Canadian environmental organizations that focus on eco initiatives. We would like to extend a very big thank you to all the parents, students and staff who brought in donations of gently used books, CDs and DVDs. The amount of items that came in was quite overwhelming and greatly appreciated. All items that we did not sell have gone to a detox centre, YWCA and Goodwill centres. Thank you to everyone who came to the sale and purchased some well-loved items. It is great to see these books, DVDs and CDs sent to good homes and re-used, rather than see them add to our landfill. Thank you to Mr. DeJong and Ms. Flengeris for kindly allowing us to use Room 104 for the Eco Sale. Thank you to all who volunteered their time and energy to make this Eco Sale a success.

Waste Audit:

On April 8th, the Eco Team had a Waste Audit. Our current parent chair, Jan Hoard, and former parent chair, Jo Somers, conducted the Waste Audit with some student members of our Eco Club. The team sorted through four large bags of garbage collected from each floor of the school (basement, main, second and third floors), and determined what in the bags was garbage, recycled materials and compost. It was disheartening to see things such as unopened containers of food, full pieces of fruit, pencils, markers, rulers, reusable paper or materials, plastic bottles, etc. thrown into the garbage! The good news was that the majority of the bags of garbage did contain actual garbage. The team weighed all the bags, before and after the sorting, and will share the results with Eco Schools staff when they do the school audit in the coming weeks. Much thanks go out to Fred Bataga, our chief caretaker, and his team for providing the scales and bags of garbage. Thank you to Jan and Jo for conducting the audit with the students. The children who participated in the audit had a great experience and learned a whole lot about how we need to continue to educate our staff and students about garbage, recycling and composting, and understand the impact we make on our environment.

Earth Day (April 22) and Week (April 22-25):

The Eco Club spent the lunch hour cleaning the front yard of the school on April 22nd. We collected about 8 bags of garbage! It was pretty disgusting to find what winter left behind. The students, teachers and chair from the Eco Club put on our gloves and picked up a lot of garbage on Earth Day. We wanted to do our part to help clean our environment and keep the school looking great. We have also provided a sign-up sheet in the office for teachers to sign up their classes to pick up garbage around the school grounds and our community park, Sorauren Park, throughout the week. Different areas of the school will be cleaned up this week, so please remind your children to use the appropriate bins when disposing of their garbage. Thank you for your continued help and support!

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