A totally awesome, super fun, and hugely successful Spring Fling!!!

The fourth annual Fern Spring Fling held on Saturday, May 10th at the High Park Curling Club was THE event of the season! Not only was it a superb fundraiser, it was a fantastic party for the Fern parents to get together and celebrate being a part of this amazing community. There were tons of creative ’80s costumes, unbelievable dance moves, and lots of fun by all who came out. With these good vibrations, generous donations and several bid winners, we were able to raise $10,033.00, which will help support amazing programs in the school next year to help enrich our children’s school experience.

Thank you to the dedicated, talented team who organized, created and sweated for months to bring the event to a whole new level of fun and total awesomeness!

Katrina Herrndorf, Veronique Claassen, Shannon Wilson Craven, Joanne Winkelaar, Taya Kozak-Goebel, Ruthanne Corman, and myself worked together to create the Totally Awesome Spring Fling Experience. Katrina started the buzz with the comical eye-catching ’80s graphics. Veronique, Shannon, and Joanne submerged us into the ’80s with neon, glitter, flowers, ’80s icons, a terrific trivia challenge, and a totally tubular ’80s photo booth! Mathew Merrett spun totally rad tunes that kept the dance floor moving and grooving all night. The lights and sound put together by Alien Influx and Scott Craven brought the whole experience alive. Thank you to Stephen Guy McGrath for his blinding neon outfit (complete with a fanny pack) and his awesome auctioneering to bring in high bids for all the amazing live auction loot!

We appreciate the support of our Grade 8 Graduation Committee, Vera Ciric, and Linda Tasevski with the wine raffle, our Communications team for helping us get the word out, and thank you to Tracy Kett and Adam Eizinas for helping out with the auctions.

A special thank you to Val Reinis who art-directed Mr. Nikolajevic’s grade 8 class to create beautiful and unique art furniture in the form of two awesome benches and a striking rocking chair for the auction.

The Fern baskets were amazing thanks to all the wonderful donations by the parents and the lovely ladies who put them all beautifully together.

None of this would have been possible without the support and generous contributions made by many local merchants. We all enjoyed the delicious treats donated by Barque, Mabel’s, Pizzeria Defina, Hot Oven Bakery, Benna’s Bakery & Sobeys. Please support all our wonderful local merchants in return by shopping local and keeping our Fern Community strong.

The next Spring Fling will be a Saturday in May 2015—exact date TBD—we will let you know as soon as it is booked! If you didn’t make it this year, ask anyone who did—it is not to be missed!!

With sincere thanks,

Liz Leason
Fern Parent Council, Co-Chair

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