Why not give yourself a break from packing lunches this June?

Maggie’s lunches in the last month (can you believe it?!) before summer features student favourites such as beef burritos, spaghetti with Caesar salad, crispy baked fish and honey-garlic chicken with Asian noodles. Check out the menu here.

If your child(ren) is not already registered, s/he can still sample Maggie’s delicious lunches. Simply fill out and submit the form with your payment. A secure deposit box is located outside the Ferncliff Daycare office (Room 103). The deadline for June order forms is Friday, May 16 to begin lunch on Monday, June 2.

HOT NEWS: Keep an eye out for details about signing up for next school year’s lunch program. Also, there will be a drop-in spaghetti lunch on Thursday, June 5 for those students who aren’t in the program but would like to sample Maggie’s delicious lunch – and to entice your family to sign up for next year’s program. More information will be sent out later in May through Fern’s blog and newsletter and e-mailing families who have participated in the program.

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