School Council Elections Form

Dear Parents and Caregivers of Fern Avenue,

A blue nomination form package was sent home today in advance of our School Council Elections which will occur the night of September 30th, from 6:30 to 7:30, in the Auditorium on the first floor.

Please review the information and consider putting your name forward for election. We will be holding School Advisory Council meetings at various times, to be decided, throughout the year and we would very much like to see you there. New parents are also very welcome and encouraged to join us. It is an opportunity to network, to get to know the school and its operations, learn about and perhaps join a parent subcommittee, to get to know other parents around the school and to be a part of discussions that affect the entire school.

Following the nomination process, a ballot will be sent home for voting purposes and the election will take place as mentioned. You have to be present at the school to cast your ballot. We look forward to seeing you.

Alexander Moy, Principal
Linda Tasevski, Vice Principal

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