Use Email, not Paper - Santa's Watching!

By Room 205

Fern is an EcoSchool, which means that we try to respect the environment. One thing we do is save paper. Did you know that we would be using about 2,400 sheets of paper for the newsletter every month, if we gave a printed copy to each student? OMG! That would be about 24,000 pieces of paper in one year, which works out to 48 packages of paper! (It would be less, about 12,000 sheets, if we only sent one copy to each family, but we still would be using a lot of paper.)

Instead of making paper copies, of course, we use email. When you are reading the newsletter online, think about all the paper you are saving! Let’s find other ways to save paper too!

Our class did some estimation and some multiplication to arrive at the above numbers.

4 sheets x 600 students = 2,400 sheets

4 sheets x 300 families = 1,200 sheets

10 months x 2,400 sheets = 24,000 sheets

10 months x 1,200 sheets = 12,000 sheets

If packages of paper contained 1,000 sheets, we would use 24 packages. Since they are packages of 500, we have to double the number = 48 packages of paper.

Room 205 with the paper we are saving in one year!

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