Halloween Parade

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Halloween is happening at Fern Avenue PS Friday, October 31, for Grades JK to 5 in the afternoon, as an enjoyable occasion when we can all have some fun together.
Children may dress up, if they wish to – it is entirely voluntary. We know that there is a powerful use of the imagination when children take on a new identity through wearing a costume. Please make sure that:

  • Your child can see clearly
  • Your child can walk safely—no long costumes that they might trip on.
  • No weapons come to school, even if they are part of a costume.
  • Your child’s costume is appropriate for our very young children to see – avoid inappropriate costumes. Instead, please encourage children to choose costumes that represent their own individuality and creativity.
  • The costume does not require assistance from an adult to get on, or to wear.

You do not send any food that contains nuts or nut products to school.

This is particularly important AFTER Halloween. We have children here with life-threatening allergies and must protect their safety.

At 10:30am on Friday, October 31, we will have our annual Halloween parade. The children generally parade around the block, out to Wright Avenue around the block to Roncesvalles Avenue and back along Fern Avenue to the front doors. If the weather prevents an outdoor march, we will hold an indoor mini-march through the hallways.

We recognize that some families do not participate in Halloween festivities, for religious or other reasons. If you do not wish to have your child participate in Halloween activities at school, please let your child’s teacher know and they will arrange for alternate activities.

Thank you,

Alexander Moy

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