Annette St. PS is hosting Alyson Schaeffer on November 18th from 7-9.

Alyson Schafer Workshop: EMPOWERING INDEPENDENCE, please RSVP to Karen Ingram

Join us for a free workshop Tuesday Nov 18 @7pm with leading parenting expert and psychotherapist Alyson Schäfer.

“Why is it so hard to get our children to be punctual, do their chores and manage their school work without our constant nagging and supervision. Which of your behaviours are hindering you from transferring responsibility to your children? Learn the correct strategies to employ and keep kids accountable.”

ALYSON SCHAFER is a psychotherapist and one of Canada’s leading parenting experts. She is the in-house expert for The Marilyn Denis Show, CTV News Channel Express and CBC radio’s The World This Weekend. Alyson is a columnist for Today’s Parent Magazine and sits on the Health Advisory Board for Chatelaine Magazine. She is the best selling author of “Breaking The Good Mom Myth”, “Honey, I Wrecked The Kids” and her latest, “Ain’t Misbehavin”.

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