Montreal Trip for Grade 8's at Year End

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have extended our due date for signing up for our Grade 8 Montreal Trip to Friday Nov 14th.

Please note that at this point (and only if you have not signed up already) you can still sign up but we cannot ‘guarantee’ a spot for your child, as we have passed the original deadline. You will either be accepted for the first bus or put on a wait list for a possible second bus.

To date we have :
- Sent a letter home- mid Sept.

- Held a parent info. night with a tour representative- end of Sept.

- Posted on the Fern Blog- mid Sept.

- Asked the students to write info in their agenda – 3 times, Sept and Oct

- Offered brochures to parents during curriculum night – kept brochures in class for students

- E-mailed our parents

- Reminded our students about the due date- Sept and Oct.

- Posted this note to the Blog

If you require further information or any sort of support for this trip, please e-mail me at

Bogdan Nikolajevic

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