Interested in paying for the lunch program online?

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. According to our recent lunch survey, a number of families would love to move from writing cheques and submitting forms to ordering electronically. Not only would this be more convenient for families, it would also decrease the number of parent volunteer hours necessary to handle the orders, cheques, data entry, etc. each month.

How can we make this transition? With your help! We are looking for someone who can research and evaluate organizations and websites that can enable the Fern community to order and pay for the lunch program online. We’d like to know what’s out there, what it costs, how it’s accessed, pros and cons of the system, etc. Then, once a system has been chosen, we’d like that person to help set it up for the Fern lunch program (which will include contact info, allergies, room number, months registered, among other fields). If you are interested and available for this short-term project please contact Soo Kim at

Also, just a reminder, if you haven’t already signed up, the January lunch deadline is Monday, December 15 to start Monday, January 5. Click here to download the order form.

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