The Annual Fern Food Drive: Dec. 15-19, Jan. 5-9

Once again, the Fern Community is having a food drive for the Daily Bread Food Bank. This food drive offers an opportunity for students to both discuss the need of food banks and to take action to make a positive difference during this holiday and new year season.

Unfortunately, the use of food banks is on the rise again in the GTA. The reasons for Food Bank use can vary widely from person to person and from family to family. The fact that people who use food banks use 75% of their money on housing leaves them with less than $6 per day for all other expenses. This can create a cycle of constant poverty. The need for Food Banks can also stem from other issues such as lost income, disability, being a new immigrant or becoming a single parent.

Donations of non-perishable foods, such as canned goods, pasta, dried grains (ie. rice, beans, lentils) and baby food will be collected before and after the Winter Break each morning by the Grade 3 students of Room 207. Please do not donate peanut/nut products (ie. peanut butter) to help keep all students with allergies safe at Fern. Thank you very much for sharing on behalf of the many in our community who need and use Food Banks.

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