West Queen West Study Working Group

As some of you may know, City Planning is in the process of undertaking a study of Queen Street West from Bathurst Street to Roncesvalles Avenue. For more information on the study, please see the attached Council direction as well as the following status report that was adopted by Council in August: http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2014/te/bgrd/backgroundfile-71561.pdf

With respect to community engagement, we had a kick-off community meeting in July and a pair of walking tours in November. There was excellent turnout at all events and we received lots of good feedback. You can have a look at the presentation from the July meeting as well as summaries of feedback received on the project website at www.toronto.ca/planning/westqueenweststudy

As part of the Study there will be two working groups divided by the geography of the area. One working group will consist of members east of Dufferin and the other will be from west of Dufferin. Councillor Perks' office has given me your names and contact info as key people who should be part of the west of Dufferin working group.

The purpose of the working groups is to have a more detailed discussion about the various aspects of the study than in a typical community meeting, and to discuss recommendations before presenting them to the larger community. There would be a total of 3 to 4 meetings of the working groups, which would align with the different topic areas of the study as well as final recommendations. The first working group meeting will be held in April and will focus on transportation, as a follow-up to the transportation community meeting to be held in late March. We will have a better idea of timelines for further meetings in the next month or so.

We may yet have additional members, but I wanted to get the conversation started for now. Please let me know if you would like to be part of the working group or if other members of your organizations should be added or included instead of yourselves. After I hear back from everyone I will go ahead and schedule the first meeting.

Thank you,
Avery Carr
West Section, Community Planning
Toronto and East York District
City of Toronto
100 Queen St. W - 18 E
Toronto ON, M5H 2N2
(T): 416-392-0423
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