Arts Collective Winter Update

This winter has been busy for artists at Fern! The following summarizes all of our exciting endeavors over the last few months.

The Royal Conservatory of Music
The Music Champion Program we brought in last year has been in full swing with 10 classes enjoying 2 workshops each in dance or music. This program has been a huge success and we look forward to all the artists coming this spring.

Ukulele Classes
We finally got our Ukulele classes off the ground. A lovely group of grade 4 & 5 students have been working with Shelley O'Brien every Wednesday at lunch in the music room. The USchool Ukulele program is not-for-profit, supported by Fern parents and operated by the famous Melanie Doane. This year we have 1 class of beginners but next year we hope to have 2 class with the addition of an advanced class.

In November we had our BBoyzm Break Dancing show. A big thanks goes out to Prologue to the Performing Arts (Prologue), all the Fern parent volunteers, our Fern bakers, Amato Pizza and Sara from Smock. We raised $1467.00! There was no cost for the performers as one of our own, Joanne Winkelaar, won the show while attending the Prologue preview. We sold out all of our food and over 230 tickets. Thanks to everyone who supported and attended.

Who knew puppets could be so cool? Puppetology artists Tyler Sequin and Bonnie Thomson showed us all just how cool puppets really are! Booked through the Ontario Arts Council (OAC), Tyler and Bonnie worked with Madame Hall's Gr.3/4 and Mr. SY's Gr. 4/5 classes to explore, design, build and perform their own puppet show.

The Fern Community Mosaic
Our local artist educator Taya Kozak-Goebel and OAC artist, Cristina Delago, worked with Mr. Archdekin's Gr. 3 and Madame Mably's Gr. 5 classes on a Mosaic for the front foyer of Fern. It was done on boards that fit together like a puzzle and will be installed by the TDSB over the main stairs in the foyer. It's called The Fern Community and is a beautiful interpretation of a fern garden. It also incorporates our new school motto, designed by Mr. Moy and the Learning Skills Team.
The new school motto is:

Be Honest - Soyons Honnetes
Be Kind - Soyons Gentils
Work Hard - Soyons Laborie

Unplug and Play - Mark Sepic
OAC musician and educator Mark Sepic joined us with his workshop titled Unplug and Play. Students were encouraged to create their own musical instruments using recycled and salvaged materials. They invented, improvised, composed and recorded their own musical sounds. This class was such a success we booked him for two weeks with Madame Gaudet Gr. 1, Madame Nave Gr.1, Madame Whalen Gr.1/2, Ms. Nitsis Gr. 1/2, Ms. Brennan Gr.2/3 and Madame Venn's Gr.3's.

Chris Patterson
This holiday season we booked local children's musician and Fern parent Chris Patterson to perform a concert for the Kindergarten students, Ferncliff Daycare and the Drop-In centre. He gave a great performance which included holiday songs and some of his own music. We also had some of the daycare staff and kindergarten teachers dress up as elves and perform with Chris. Lots of fun!

Fern Holiday Concert
We also worked with Madame Venn's class on this years Holiday concert stage. Along with artist/parents Kathryn Maxfield and Taya Kozak-Goebel the class designed and painted a beautiful backdrop for the show. Combined with twinkle lights, greenery, primary and junior class art, the musical accompaniment of Mr. Brooks and the wonderful class performances we had a very impressive show !! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this our best school show in years.

In January we held yet another Prologue show, showcasing the musical group Creason. This French musical performance featured home made recycled instruments. Creason wowed the crowd with their interactive and very exciting performance. It was another success, thanks to our community restaurants Barque and Smock, New Moon Cookies, the Fern bakers and our many parent volunteers who make these shows happen.

Spring will bring dancers, animators and musicians to Fern and possible another Movie night!

See you in the sun.....this Spring.
Taya Kozak- Goebel

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