Clubs at Fern Avenue

Please find below a listing of Clubs at Fern Avenue:

Knitting Club 
Grades 2-5:         Tuesdays Lunch
Chess Club 
Grades 3-8:         Wednesdays Lunch
Kestrel Choir 
Grades 3-6:         Thursdays Lunch
Boys Book Club
Grades 4-6:         Mondays Lunch
Girls Book Club
Grades 4-6:         Mondays Lunch

Eco Club 
Grades 4-8:         Tuesdays Lunch
Writer’s Workshop
Grades 4-8:         Thursdays Lunch
Free The Children 
Grades 5-8 (Full):  Wednesdays Lunch
Yearbook Club 
Grades 7-8:         Tuesdays Lunch
Student Council 
Grades 7-8:         Tuesdays Lunch (bi- weekly)
Photography Club 
Grades 7-8:         Thursdays Lunch
Homework Club 
Grades 7-8:         After school
Tech Crew 
Grades 7-8:         As needed
Dragon Boat 
Grades 7-8:         May-June TBD
Intermediate Book Club 
Grades 7-8:         Wednesdays Lunch
J.D. Flight School  
Grades 7-8:         Fridays Lunch

Other Fern Avenue clubs may yet be announced over the course of the remainder of this school year.

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