Introducing Mindfulness Sessions at Fern

Introductory mindfulness sessions will be offered to junior students as a new TDSB initiative. This program will focus on teaching techniques for breathing, listening, and reflection, with the goal of increasing focus and concentration, decreasing stress, and improving overall well-being. Some topics covered in these sessions include: basic meditation, directing attention, relaxation, controlling reactions, and practicing kindness.

Dates:  April 30th, May 7th, May 14th, May 22nd,
May 29th, June 8th, June 15th, & June 22nd (Days 5s)
(other days may become available depending on student interest)
When:  12:15 - 12:45
Where:  Fern Auditorium

Please return permission forms to your child’s homeroom teacher by Wednesday, April 22nd.

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