Track and Field at Fern Ave. P.S. 2015

It’s that time of the year where the interest for school athletics revolves around track and field. This year in particular is a special year for track and field, with the obvious excitement brought on by the Pan American games that are set to take place in our city this summer. Naturally, students want to test their abilities in the various track and field events and emulate the world athletes and their glorious performances.

Our students will be practicing various track and field events during their gym classes, while division practices outside school hours will start on the week of April 6th. Junior students will be practicing in the mornings (8:00am-8:50am) on Tuesdays and Thursday, with coach Sarantos Katsihtis.

We have also planned track and field days at our school for our junior and primary students. Our junior students will have their track and field day on Friday April 17th during the morning and the grade 2s and 3s will have their track day on April 15th in the afternoon. The coach for primary students is Andrew Archdekin. Our teams will be selected from a combination of records during our track and field days, practices, and gym classes. Our goal is to challenge each of our students trying for their personal best and enjoying participating in athletic events such as track and field. Finally our seniors will have track and field try-outs starting on Thursday April 2nd with coach Chris Enticknap.

The TDSB track and field dates are scheduled as follows:
South Conference: Seniors on May 7th @ Birchmount Stadium
South Conference: Juniors on May 12 @Birchmount Stadium

South Conference Finals: Juniors and seniors June 2nd @ Birchmount Stadium
City Finals: Juniors and seniors June 9th @Birchmount Stadium

Permission forms need to be signed for students to practise for track and field before and after school. Each of our school’s participants on the track and field team will be provided with further details and guidance sheets on preparation, expectations, and event schedules during our upcoming meetings.

As with previous years we have a large number of our staff participating in preparing and practising track and field events with our students, and parents are welcome to contribute and assist with the team. Parents interested in coaching will are required to attend a short workshop with the TDSB board if not previously done so to work with our kids.

We at Fern Ave. P.S. strongly believe that participating in physical activity and athletic events such as track and field are integral to our student’s health and character building.

Sarantos Katsihtis,
Physical education teacher

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