Fern Family Garden Keepers needed this summer

The Eco-club will be leading the school in a planting and nurturing Fern School’s front gardens this spring.

We are planning to refresh the existing planting of the Fern Avenue front gardens with new plants that focus on: wildlife habitat for birds and bees, a three sisters garden to celebrate food and heritage and a focus on bringing beauty and colour to the school’s front yard.

While classes will help with the planting - watch for a date later in May - we need volunteers to help us tend the gardens over the summer months. There is watering and gardening equipment available to make this easy but we need garden keepers to help us. If every volunteer family could commit to watering and tending the gardens for just one week in the summer, we can ensure efforts of our students are sustained through the hot summer.

If you are able to take on a few days or even a week (only 2-3 waterings) over the summer please let Mdm Tse or Melanie Hare know at mhds230@gmail.com or 416-516-6028.

Hoping you will join eco-school and our students as Garden Keepers and help to create an enriching school yard environment.

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