A Night in Round Corners—Rehearsal Calendar

If your child has been offered a part in our upcoming original musical A Night in Round Corners, you can download the rehearsal schedule at the following link:


Due to the time commitment required for these roles, and a protracted time schedule, it is imperative that your child comes to all schedule rehearsals for his or her part.

While most of these will be held during the lunch break on Mondays and Fridays—plus Tuesdays for the singing parts and our musicians—as we get closer to the show performances, after-school rehearsals will be necessary.

In the even that your child is unable to come to any scheduled rehearsal, please e-mail me at geoffrey.brooks@tdsb.on.ca. If your child misses any three scheduled rehearsals, for any reason, the part may be recast at the Director’s sole discretion.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Mr. Brooks

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