Are you an AV Wizard or a Camera/Camcorder Connoisseur?

If so, do you have a spare moment or two to contribute your expertise to the Fern school community?

The Fern STEM Committee is trying to help a teacher locate an experienced parent or community member in these areas:

1) In preparation for the Grade 7 & 8 Musical this spring, a teacher is looking for someone to spend one or two 30-minute lunch or after school periods going over some of the more advanced light board functions.

2) Having sorted through a collection of old cameras and camcorders at the school, the teacher is looking for someone knowledgeable to spend one lunch or after school period looking at a few items they are unsure about to determine if they are still usable.

If you think you can help, please contact the Fern STEM Committee at and we will connect you with the teacher.

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