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Thursday, March 10, 2016

TDSB Earth Hour this upcoming Friday, Saturday and Sunday

TDSB schools will be participating in TDSB Earth Hour this upcoming Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Fern will be doing its part by turning off all lights and fans from 2-3 pm on Friday. Fern's caretaking staff will help to reduce the use of electricity over the weekend by turning off all outside lights and fans, and the boiler. Thank you to Mr. Bataga and his staff for their participation in this event.

All staff (office, teaching, support and daycare staff) will turn off all classroom lights, computers and other equipment on Friday March 11 from 2-3 pm.

We encourage students and their families to do their part by participating at home as well. The Global Earth Hour weekend is March 18th-20th.

Thank you for your participation and support.

The Eco Team