Abuse Awareness & Prevention Workshop for Parents @ Sorauren TONIGHT! :

iChoose Hosts "How Do We Talk To Our Young Children?"

Common Parent Concerns:
How do we talk to our children about abuse without taking away their innocence?
How can we talk about abuse, without scaring them?
How do we sustain this teaching in our home so that it stays healthy and positive?

The language and word "abuse" has a lot of stigma attached to it, that prevents, concerns even scares a lot of parents away from talking about abuse within their family. This workshop is transforming the stigma attached to the word "abuse" and inviting community to embrace the "word" abuse in order to take new actions for sustaining healthy families and safe communities!

Kids "today" are ready to listen, learn and act...we just have to get ourselves, as parents, and our opinions out of the way to make way for new resources available that help empower our role as parents, our children's voices, their future and most importantly keeps their innocence alive!

Come join other parents who are taking the important step to help keep families healthy and communities safe!

$15 Individual
$20 Couple
Pay at Door
Coffee provided by "Balluchon"

Children's Aid Society & Toronto Police will be joining our circle panel for questions, insight and feedback.

Thank you for partnering with iChoose!
Please click here for the flyer.

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