Grade 3 Track and Field

This year, the TDSB athletics department voted to eliminate Grade 2 students from the regional Track Meets in order to: a) allow more time for the events at the meets for the grade 3 to 6 students and, b) to have qualifying Grade 3 students participate in more meets.

The P.E. teachers will have students practice and record their best with both the standing and running long jump during class. As well, I will time and record the grade 3 students for the sprint run this week (weather permitting) to help determine the 100m sprinters and the 4X100m relay teams. The P.E. teachers and I will stress that being active helps to be healthy in many ways, and that we encourage everyone to be proud of doing their personal best.

To decide who is invited to be on this small Grade 3 team, I will consult the homeroom teachers and base my decision on the following factors: 1. the student wants to participate 2. their jumping results from P.E. class and the timed runs 3. their overall behaviour in class and at school and 4. their school work/homework is complete.

If a grade 3 student meets these standards, they will be invited to be on the team for specific events and will receive a permission form. All practices will be during school hours and on school property (outlined on the permission form), leading up the the May 24th meet.

I look forward to encouraging all of the Grade 3 students to do their personal best, be active and have fun!

Andrew Fennell Archdekin

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