Upcoming ECO Team Events This Week

The ECO TEAM has planned some events for Earth Week, April 18th to April 22nd. Please join us in keeping Fern green and encouraging your children to help out.

Monday, Apr. 18th – Cleaning the Schoolyard and Sorauren Park. All classes are encouraged to sign up for a time to clean up our school’s area in the front, the primary and junior/senior yards, or Sorauren Park. Let’s keep our school grounds clean and beautiful! The Eco Team will provide gloves and plastic bags.

Tuesday, Apr. 19th – Bike/Walk/Scooter to School Day. Please use public transit OR bike, walk or scooter to school today. If you can get to and from school without a car today, then that would be fantastic! If you must drive, please consider carpooling for today.

Wednesday, Apr. 20th – Boomerang Lunch/Litterless Lunch Day. Please bring a litterless or boomerang lunch to school today. A boomerang lunch means you take all garbage and compost home with you. A litterless lunch means exactly that, no litter! We also encourage litterless snacks or a reduction of snacks with a lot of packaging.

Thursday, Apr. 21st – Chalk an Eco Message Day. Please take some chalk and write a message or draw a picture that represents the importance of having a clean world and what it means to you. Students can do this at recess. The Eco Team will provide coloured chalk for students to write/draw appropriate messages. Lights out for the day (classroom lights off all day) and reduce the amount of paper and technology used today.

Friday, Apr. 22nd – EARTH DAY! Dress Your Eco Best! Dress up as a tree, bird, squirrel, flower or whatever to show that you care about the environment! Or show your spirit by wearing earthy colours/tones, such as green, brown, beige or yellow!

Thank you for your support,

The Eco Team

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