Eco Team Waste Audit

In May, the Fern Eco Team participated in a waste audit with Mme. Tse and Mme. Mably. During the waste audit we had to sort through the garbage, compost, and recycling to see whether or not teachers, students and staff were properly sorting their garbage, compost, and recycling. It was not a fun job but we learned a lot during the audit.

When we sorted through the garbage we found many items that did not belong in the garbage bin. The compost bin was good in some ways because there was a lot of food scraps. One thing that we noticed and were quite surprised with was the amount of uneaten food that had been prepared carefully for students by their parents. The recycling bag had a lot of garbage and some unopened food and cutlery in it.

Overall the school did okay, but we think we could have done better. Things that we can do to improve are:
· Take a moment to ensure you are placing your item in the right bin
· Take all uneaten food back home
· Reusable containers are a great way to reduce garbage
· Remember to take care of our school and our environment

By: Nancy Z. and Julia S., members of the Eco Team

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