Fern’s Eco Club is Donating to Two Local Environmental Organizations

One of the organizations is called Green Thumbs.
Green Thumbs offers food growing and environmental education programs in 4 inner-city schools and 2 park sites. Their programs take place in the east downtown Toronto neighbourhoods of Saint James town, Cabbagetown, and Regent Park. Green Thumbs mission statement is “to empower urban children, youth and their families to learn about, grow and prepare fresh foods, cultivated in an environmentally sustainable manner, in hands-on programs.” The organization’s vision is of healthy communities with learning gardens everywhere! For more information: greenthumbsto.org

The other organization is called Earth Rangers.
Earth Rangers is an organization that helps children to learn how to help animals. Their programs are based on research that indicates that the #1 environmental concern for children across Canada is protecting animals from extinction. Earth Rangers takes that concern and translates it into action; they encourage children to make a difference for animals by participating in a variety of projects and activities. Their mission statement is: “Children may be our greatest natural resource, but the world is their greatest natural resource. Together, let’s empower them to protect it.” For more information: earthrangers.com

The Fern Eco Club students have decided to donate $300 to each of these great organizations!

By Beata S. and Abby S.

Members of the Fern Eco Club

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