MacGregor Playground Teaching Garden Programming

We want to invite you to share our spring/summer programming at MacGregor Park with the students - we are just around the corner from the school, on Lansdowne north of College.

For two more weeks in the spring, we have community garden and theater drop in sessions once a week on Saturday mornings from 10-1pm. The south end of the park is the perfect spot for a family day, with enough shade to sit aside and listen to or sing along with music by Lisa Bozikovic. Kit Tough runs the theater workshops: where stories and characters are developed, inspired by the gardens and park. And still plenty to do in the gardens. All building towards a group performance for July 1st, Canada Day.

In the summer we will be expanding our to three times a week, and together with our gardener, Ava Lightbody, students can learn about growing and harvesting an edible garden in a public park.

Students in finishing grade 8 can connect with us to start doing their community hours in the garden. We would love the help!

We also wanted to see if you have any summer plans that could include field trips or visits. The first radishes have already been harvested and we're eager to start cooking and crafting with the summer's bounty!

I've attached a poster for June and a short video to give you an idea of what we do. Click here for the garden club information.

Please do get in touch,
Mayssan Shuja

Programming is hosted by Botanicus Art Ensemble ( and Kristen Farig
Email us at a Community Arts Organization based in Toronto, Canada.

We bring professional artists of various disciplines together with community members for the goal of shared creative expression. The exchange of ideas enhances the enjoyment of public space for everyone, and contributes to a connection with nature in the urban environment.)

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