Physical Education & Athletics 2016-2017

Welcome to a new school year!     

Physical education and athletics are integral and essential components of education at our school and in TDSB. Physical activity and sports provide kids the opportunity for fun, challenge, and interaction. Our program consists of activities that create opportunities for development of skills, knowledge, health-related fitness, and ultimately, the confidence to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.

We also want to encourage you to continue participating in your child’s physical development and fitness. Participation in physical activity should not end when the school day is over. There are a number of ways to get this aerobic workout--walking, biking, swimming, roller-skating or inline skating, jumping rope or any number of low-organized games and activities. You and your child most likely will discover that exercise can be both fun and rewarding.

At Fern Ave. P.S. we pride ourselves for offering many sports and athletic opportunities for our students. This year our sports program will include cross country, slo-pitch, basketball, ice-hockey and football for seniors, volleyball, swimming, badminton, soccer, and track and field interschool teams. Over the past few years we have been competitive and have won many conference championships. Last year our senior boys’ baseball team was the south city champions and went to the city semis in division 1, and the girls’ team was also in the semis in their division. A number of our teams made the playoffs as conference champions, and many of our students accomplished great individual records in cross-country, track & field, and swimming. Finally, our school had two teams at the dragonboat races, where more than one fourth of our seniors participated and had an awesome athletic and social experience. We would like to emphasize that regardless of championships and medals our top objectives for our teams are for our athletes to improve their individual skills, to become good team members, and to have fun!

Furthermore at Fern Avenue P.S. we highly value our house leagues, which offer the opportunity for all students to play with friends and have fun participating in sports, irrelevant of skill level. This year we will have house leagues for basketball, floor hockey, and dodgeball. Our first house leagues for basketball will be starting by late-October.
Thank you for partnering with our physical education and sports programs to develop your child’s lifetime health and fitness. By working together we can bring the joy and health of physical activity and athletics to your child and family.

It is going to be another exciting year. Have a wonderful fall and remember to always keep everyone in your family active as possible.

Physical education teacher
Sarantos Katsihtis

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