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High School Soccer Team sends thanks to Fern Avenue! 

You may remember that Room 202 organized a mini-carnaval for Primary students in June.  We raised $816, and donated it to a high school team who was planning a trip to Attawapiskat.

We received a letter of thanks in July, and the above certificate of appreciation just last Friday Nov. 4th at a celebration held at the high school. Here are some highlights from the letter, written by teacher and coach Paulo Pereira:

"On behalf of our Attawapiskat team of staff and student-athletes, I would like to send you many thanks to all involved  . . . (on our trip) we made amazing connections and new relationships. We worked with over 200 children and youth every day, running three sessions per day at the elementary school, one session at the high school, and then worked with the community until way past bedtime. . . Our next step is to bring 12 youth from Attawapiskat to Toronto at the start of 2017 and, in May or June, return there to continue our soccer camp."

Mme Katrina Hall 

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