Ease back into the school routine without any post-holiday stress!

The whirlwind of the holiday break may sweep you up and before you know it, school begins and you need to find the lunch box and thermos again!

Why not alleviate your stress, energy and time and sign your child(ren) up for January’s lunch program?

Better yet, sign up for the rest of the year and you won’t have to worry about uneaten lunches coming back home. The menu features everything from chicken curry, teriyaki noodles, to soup, kale salad, fish tacos and other delicious (and nutritious, but you don’t need to tell your kids that) lunches.

Ready to sign up? Please fill out, detach and submit the form with your payment in a sealed envelope. The wall-mounted secure deposit box is conveniently located on the main floor between rooms room 103 and 104.

The deadline for your order is Friday, December 16th to begin lunch on Monday, January 9. No extensions will be given.

Have a peaceful and restful holiday!

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