Holiday Thanks

We had a successful day with Santa at Willem and Jools Flowers on Roncesvalles this past weekend. Fern Ave Events raised over $700.00 for Fern P.S! A big thanks for hosting our little event goes out to Joanne Winklear at Willem and Jools, and all of the organizers/helpers: Allison Macrae, Jill Macnaughton, Trish Bentley, Jackie Dale and two Fern students, Kether Cape and Ella Morais, who did a fabulous job calling out to each passerby to come sip cider, munch on cookies and make a donation.

We also extend our gratitude to talented parents such as Kathryn Maxfield for her artistic contribution and the intrepid, talented photographer Lindsay Barrowcliffe, who captured each special moment with Santa. As well, delicious cookies were generously donated by Eden Hertzog of New Moon Cookies and an amazing "Cloudlight" was raffled courtesy of Jenna Lam at Early Bird and Worm. And, of course, we couldn't have done it without our dancing, jolly Santa: Monte Burris.

Here's to supporting local business and building a tighter community for Fern P.S!

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