Greater Toronto Area Math Contest

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Between January 27 and Feb2, 2017, grade 8FI and Gr7/8FI participated in an online Math contest for elementary students across GTA.

30 classes participated. We are very happy to announce that our two classes placed 2nd and 3rd. There were 653 students who participated in the contest. 15 of our students placed on the top 50. Wow! What a great accomplishment!
5th Place:  Paul B
7th Place:  Linnea T
8th Place:  Lev S
9th Place:  Allison H
12th Place: Henry A
15th Place: Augustine R
20th Place: Landon H
22nd Place:  Ruby G
24th Place:  Tyler H A
26th Place:  Aria B
30th Place:  Mei C
33rd Place: Philip B
34th Place: Sophia M
35th Place: Rivi HB
39th Place: Ana Sophia R

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the contest and for a job well done and congratulations to Mme. Muntenau for teaching our students and encouraging them to challenge themselves. 

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