Getting tired of sandwiches? Try the lunch program for one day only!

On Friday, March 24th, there will be a special drop-in lunch to sample our tasty cod fish nuggets or falafels, with baked potato wedges and broccoli spears. This is a student favourite, for only $5 cash. After that, we hope that you won't be able to resist signing up for the hot lunch program.

Just think about the time, stress and money you can save! Interested students should see Vera in the office to pay in advance and place their name on a list. They can also pay day of in the cafeteria.

Drop in lunches will also be offered on
Friday, April 28th and Friday, May 12th!

Families who wish to close out the school year with healthy, yummy lunches for their children may do so by submitting their lunch orders by Monday, March 20th.

Full details and an order form can be found here. The Lunch Menu can also be found on the Fern website at

Thanks for supporting healthy food, a healthy school and a healthy community.

Fern Food Committee

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