Travelling Exhibition: Anne Frank - a History for Today

It is‎ with tremendous pride that we are pleased to announce that the TDSB will host, for the month of May, (Jewish Heritage Month), "Anne Frank - A History For Today" from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The exhibit will be housed at John Polanyi CI, 640 Lawrence Avenue West (library). John Polanyi CI is conveniently located across from the Eglinton West Subway Station or take the 52 Lawrence Ave. bus and exit at Varna Drive West side stop.

This Exhibit has 37 panels and tells the story of Anne Frank set against the background of the Holocaust. It makes use of images from the Frank family and quotations from the Diary. Each of the panels displays information about the most important developments of the time such as the rise of National Socialism.

Thanks to a partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada in 2015, in recognition of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of The Netherlands by the Canadian army, this Exhibit is fully bilingual and has additional panels on our Canadian contribution to the Second World War. We will also have additional artifacts usually reserved for museum viewing only.

For more information, the poster can be found here.

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