International Language – Elementary Program Survey

A number of Fern students attend a nearby school to take a language offered by the International Language – Elementary program. We are hoping to obtain parent feedback for our International Languages - Elementary/African Heritage program.

As such, a brief anonymous survey is available for parents/guardians to complete by July 15. Parents will have the option to complete this survey either online or by hard copy. If parents choose to complete the survey by hand, a copy of the survey will be mailed directly to their home.

New this year, online registration is available and open now for parents/guardians who wish to register their child in our program. Please note that this is an additional option for registration. Manual registration will continue to be an option at the school offering the International Language program. Parents may visit for more information.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Jasminka Cimesa
Program Officer, Int'l Languages-Elementary/AH
Continuing Education, TDSB

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