Waste-free boomerang lunches and snacks

This week (October 16th to 22nd, 2017) marks the beginning of Waste Reduction Week in Canada. The Fern Avenue Eco Team will be promoting its ongoing campaign to encourage waste-free lunches and snacks at the school. A waste-free lunch, or a litterless lunch, is one where all the lunch gear is reusable from the washable cloth napkins to the cutlery to the refillable water bottle. Buying fresh fruit and vegetables, and bulk foods, makes waste-free lunches convenient and affordable for families. The Recycling Council of Ontario has produced some helpful videos that highlight strategies to make lunches and snacks waste-free!

Any waste that is created will boomerang back home. Students will be asked to bring all the packaging and food waste home from their lunches. Boomerang lunch programs help families see firsthand the waste produced as well as learn which of the food supplied is actually eaten.

If you and your children want to explore the issue further, check out the TDSB EcoSchools Program Waste Timeline Card to find out how long it takes for different types of waste to decompose in a landfill. You can share this visual with your children and discuss different ways your family can work towards supporting the school’s efforts to minimize food waste and packaging.

To take further action on reducing waste overall, please read the Top 10 Tips for Waste Reduction Week in Canada!

Thanks in advance!
The Fern Eco Team

Fern Avenue P.S. currently has Gold Certification under the TDSB EcoSchools Program, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Fern Eco Team students and teachers Sonia Mably, Tina Tse, and Miya Oda. Parent support is provided by Larissa Mohan and Kirsten Colley-Lussier, Co-Chairs Eco Team Committee, Fern Parent Council. Learn more by visiting the TDSB EcoSchools Certification Program Web site or by following them on Twitter @EcoSchoolsTDSB
For information on how to volunteer towards supporting the Fern Eco Team please visit the school’s volunteer Sign Up sheet. More details on how you can volunteer will be provided throughout the school year.

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