Fern's Pub Night - Friday November 24, 8pm

Fern parents and people of the community: Fern School Council is focused on a massive new fundraising effort this year and we want to tell you about it!

The Playground Committee have been working tirelessly to make the dream of a beautiful, multi-faceted playground at Fern a reality. This incredible new school yard will not only benefit our kids at the school, but also enhance and revitalize the surrounding community.

Traditional fundraising efforts at Fern have been put on hold this year so that we can focus solely on this massive goal.

We are doing this ONE YEAR and one year only, and we believe that together we can make it happen.

Bliss Edwards and Dave Martin (co-chairs of the Playground Committee) are leading all of efforts to not only secure funding, grants, TDSB involvement, architecture plans but also to RAISE ALL OF THIS MONEY (500K). They are planning events to raise money AND awareness about playground plans, what you can do to help and how we can make this happen together.

So please join us as we kick off this year's playground revitalization efforts at Fern's Pub Night Friday November 24 at 8 pm, The Simple Kitchen, 73 Roncesvalles.


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