Fuel your Child’s Mind and Body with Fern’s Hot Lunch Program

Happy New Year!

Ready to settle back into the school routine? School, homework, hockey, gymnastics, music lesson...

Let us take care of one meal for you with a healthy, nutritious - and delicious - hot lunch every day. The Fern Food Committee is pleased to announce a few more exciting menu additions that are being implemented this month, such as Chili Mac n’ Cheese, Western Frittata, and Brown Lentil Shepherd’s pie.

Simply sign up for Fern’s hot-lunch program for lunches starting in February. To save even more time, sign up for the rest of the year right now!

Click here to download the order form and here for the menu. The deadline for your order is Thursday, January 18th to begin lunch on Thursday, February 1st. No extensions will be given.

If you’d like to learn more about Fern’s lunch program, click here or contact fernlunchprogram@gmail.com.

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