Grade 7 Extended French Program for Grade 6 Students Only

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Grade 7 Extended French programs are intensive French programs developed for students who do not speak French at home. They are designed to provide more experience in the French language than offered in the Core French program but less than total immersion. The Extended program includes French and additional subjects taught in the French language.

Students enrolling in the Extended French program are expected to have successfully completed the Grade 6 Core French program.

After Grade 8, students continue the Extended French program at designated secondary schools.
Students who successful complete the secondary program will receive a Certificate of Bilingual Studies in Extended French.

To find the Extended French school for your area, please visit the following website and enter the name of your English school in the designated search window:

How Do you Apply?
· Locate your designated Extended French school from the attached pages
· Complete the Application Form for Extended French at your designated school
· Return a completed application to your local school or to your Extended French school no later than February 8, 2018
Which Schools Offer Extended French Programs?
· The Extended French program is offered in fourteen schools in the Toronto District School Board.
· Public information meetings will be held at the Extended French schools, please check the flyer that has come home with your child.
Parents please return the application form whether you are applying or not.

Please feel free to call Vera in the main office if you have any questions.

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