JK Registration at Fern Begins February 12, 2018

Registration for JK Kindergarten will take place at Fern Avenue Public School during the week of February 12 and any time after.

Admission Eligibility Requirements
As you are aware, if a child will be four by December 31, 2018, he or she can start Junior Kindergarten in September 2018. If a child will be five by December 31, 2018, he or she can start Senior Kindergarten in September 2018.  

*NEW* Please Note: the age at which a child is eligible to attend and/or must attend school depends on whether their date of birth falls on/before or after the first day of school (September 4, 2018). Birth Date: September 5- December 31
Age 4 (born 2014) Junior Kindergarten Junior Kindergarten
Age 5 (born 2013) Senior Kindergarten Options: Junior Kindergarten (delaying senior kindergarten until the next school year) OR Senior Kindergarten
Age 6 (born 2012) Grade 1 (attendance is mandatory) Options: Senior Kindergarten(delaying Grade 1 until the next school year) or Grade 1

SOMETHING NEW at the TDSB and Fern:

A new Online Registration (OLR) System is being implemented in early 2018. Beginning in February 2018, the option to register online will be available to parents/guardians registering students to begin Kindergarten for the 2018-19 school year.  Parents/guardians may also choose to visit a local school in person to complete a registration.

Through the new OLR, parents/guardians will submit their child's information, validate their address and also have the opportunity to complete an optional Ministry of Education questionnaire (EYE@K) about child care and related activities in the community in which their child participated prior to Kindergarten. This questionnaire will also be provided in paper format, along with the Student Registration Form at school offices in February 2018.

Regardless of whether a parent/guardian chooses to register a child online or in person at a school, as has been the practice in past years, they are required to visit the school in person to present the following information/documents: 

  • Proof of age (birth certificate or passport).

  • Proof of address (two pieces of identification that show address, such as a residential phone bill).

  • Proof of immunization (the card that shows a list of needles a child has received).

  • Verification of date of arrival, if a child was not born in Canada. Families who are permanent residents and refugee claimants may register directly at the school. 

Please feel free to contact Vera in the main office at 416-393-9130 should you have any further questions or concerns.

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