5...4...3...2...1... STEM Night!

Countdown begins for STEM Night on March 1 5:30 to 7:30!

Come check out the Balloon Towers, Friction Lab, Cartesian Divers, Light Theatre, Bristlebots, Marble Runs, Articulated Hands, Egg Splats, Spaghetti Bridges, Cardboard Boats, Hovercrafts, Homemade Harmonicas, Paper Circuit Spacecraft, Marshmallow Catapults...

Oh and don't miss the Arts Collective Sharpie Art and the Science Club's Marshmallow Catapults. Eat pizza. Volunteer. :) Lots to do for everyone!

Hope to see you there!

(Ok, one last plea,... looking for empty 2L bottles with the caps on! Please drop them off in the front hall. Thank you!)

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