Reminder - STEM Night Volunteers Needed!

A reminder that STEM day and night {Science, Technology, Engineering, Math} is coming up fast - Wednesday February 28th for the grade 7 & 8 students and Thursday March 1 for students from kindergarten to grade 6.

We still need several volunteers to assist, including preparation of materials for this amazing event, parents to run activities during the day and evening, and people to set up and clean up. The total number of volunteers needed to make this happen is almost 200!!! We did it last year [very successfully] and we can do it again :)

Please take a look at the giant list and see where you can fit yourself in. Any amount of time you can assist is greatly appreciated. Presently, we have no volunteers for Friday February 9 and we need 23 of them.

Thank you to all the amazing Fern parents, who provide assistance to make these amazing events happen!!!

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