School Council Meeting - Tuesday, March 6th

Fern's next School Council meeting is on Tuesday, March 6th (next week) from 6:30-8:30 in the Staff Room.

Per this year's new normal, in advance of our meeting we are soliciting questions that you would like answered or discussed at the meeting. We have a large parent body with a wide range of concerns and we want to make sure that Council meetings are an effective use of your time.

Submit your questions via this link:

Please make sure you submit prior to 10pm on Sunday, March 4th to give us time to prepare fact-based answers.

Our draft agenda for the meeting will be as follows:
1. Student Council Update
2. Administration Update
3. Playground Fundraisers
4. Committee Updates + Committee Q&A
5. Discussion of Submitted Questions
6. Budget Update

Thank you!
Fern School Council

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