This Wednesday - Parenting Talk: Understanding Children’s Challenging Behaviours

When: Wednesday March 28th, 7pm

Where: Howard Library

Cost: FREE

By: Paul Szego, Ph.D., C. Psych

Please join us on Wednesday night for what is sure to be an interesting and informative talk for ALL parents and caregivers.

Dr. Szego will be talking about how in order to address a child’s challenging, inappropriate, or even aggressive behaviours, we must try to understand why they exist in the first place (and it’s seldom as simple as “They’re just looking for attention!”, or “They’re just defiant!”).

In this talk, we will cover how to gain a better understanding of a child's needs and challenges, how to see a child’s behaviours from their point of view, as well as ways to create a more supportive home environment, and how to better engage with our children.

Brought to us by the Howard Home and School Mental Health Committee

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