Bag2school Update

A huge thank-you to those of you who donated textiles to the Bag2school fundraiser for Fern's Eco Team.

Collectively the Fern community gathered 2,080 pounds (1.04 tons) of clothing that Bag2school will recycle or sell locally or overseas where affordable clothing is scarce. 0% of donated times will go to the landfill! The Eco Team now has a couple hundred dollars to put towards local initiatives in the school or community.

Unfortunately we are no longer accepting textile donations at the school but please consider donating to charitable organizations in the area.

We also want to let you know that the week of April 16-20 is Eco Week at Fern:

Monday: Bring in a recyclable item that we will use to decorate our Eco Tree in the foyer!
Tuesday: Bring a litterless lunch and $10 reusable water bottles are available for purchase
Wednesday: Walk to school day
Thursday: Dress your Eco best (earth toned colours, or as a wildlife creature or plant) and $10 reusable water bottles are available for purchase
Friday: Community Clean-up (TBD)

Thanks from Fern's Eco Team!

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