Track and Field at Fern: 2018

Track and Field at Fern Ave. P.S. 2018

Hard to believe, but spring is around the corner, and at Fern P.S. we are setting up our outdoors athletics and sports program, with track and field once again becoming a focal point. Our students will be practising various track and field events during their gym classes, while division practises outside school hours are also starting next week. Our first track and field meet will be on May 10th this year for both seniors and juniors.

The junior track and field team (grades 4-6) will have practises on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the mornings (8:00am-8:50am), starting on Tuesday April 10th, with coaches Sarantos Katsihtis and Katerina Hall, at our school’s track. Our teams will be selected from a combination of records during our track and field practice/try-outs, and gym classes. The primary purpose of track and field events in gym is to challenge each of our students trying for their personal best, and enjoying the participation in athletic events such as track and field with their peers.

Our seniors will have track and field try-outs and practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school between 3:30pm-4:30pm, starting on Tuesday April 10th.

Primary students in the TDSB are not participating in the same track and field meets. Our teachers will however provide our students with track and field event experiences through their gym classes, and a run/jump/throw day with local district schools.

The TDSB track and field dates are scheduled as follows:
Date(s) of athletic off-school property competition

South Conference meet–Thursday May 10th @ Birchmount Park Stadium

South Conference Championships-Thursday, June 7th@ Birchmount Park
City Championships – Tuesday, June 12th – @ Birchmount Park Stadium

Permission forms need to be signed for students to practise for track and field before and after school.
Each of our school’s participants on the track and field team will be provided with further details and guidance sheets on preparation, expectations, and event schedules during our upcoming meetings.
As with previous years we have a large number of our staff participating in preparing and practising track and field events with our students, and parents are welcome to contribute and assist with the team. Parents interested in coaching are required to attend a short workshop with the TDSB board if not previously done so to work with our kids.

We at Fern Ave. P.S. strongly believe that participating in physical activity and athletic events such as track and field are integral to our student’s health and character building.

Sarantos Katsihtis - gym teacher at Fern Ave.

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