Jump Rope For Heart: Kick Off Event

This Friday, May 18th we are officially launching our Jump Rope for Heart, and Hoops/Games for Heart events for our school with an assembly for our primary, and junior students.

The assemblies (Primary 12:55-1:25, Junior 1:30-2:05) are to inform our students of the importance of being physically active and how fundraising for the Heart and Stroke foundation helps our society. Our presenter at the assembly will be sharing stories on how children’s lives and health were greatly improved with the Heart and Stroke foundation’s help. Finally the modeling of the prizes at the assembly is to help kick-off the event with increased excitement.

The actual events of Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops/Games for Heart will take place on Tuesday June 5th. The Primary/Juniors will be jumping rope in the morning (10:25am-11:30am) and the seniors will participate with hoops/games in the afternoon (2:20pm-3:30pm). There are a series of physical activities that the primaries and kindergarten classes will have the opportunity to participate in for this event, on a day and time that is convenient for them.

Each class will be getting collection envelopes with event materials (letter to parents and Heart Healthy Activity Book). The pledge and collection envelope return date is on the day of the event with the remaining ones collected the next day Wednesday, June 6th (after this date, envelopes can be collected but prizes will be given out in September). Teachers will be getting an information package for the actual event day (instructions, stations, maps). Also included teachers will find a poster contest activity which is great for discussing the event further, incorporating language and art with the event in class, and creating further excitement.

At school we intend to promote Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops/Games for Heart with posters, reminder stickers, student thank-you prizes and daily announcements. Your effort, commitment, and student encouragement for this very important cause is greatly appreciated. Listed below are some of the reasons this fundraiser is important.

Today, 26% of Canada’s children are overweight or obese, putting them at risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Lets’ JUMP to it!

Jumping is a great way to get kids active:

-Accessible and inexpensive-no equipment required, just a skipping rope
-Improves motor skills, coordination, agility, balance and rhythm.
-Teaches kids to embrace healthy living and social responsibility.

School’s fundraising efforts help:

-Invest in key research related to childhood obesity including prevention.
-Support programs that teach kids proper eating habits and the importance of physical activity
-Push for public policy that lets kids be more active by building more sidewalks and parks

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